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Hache Goes Cumbia

Hache Goes Cumbia is an expansion of our study in classical, jazz, and experimental music to include cumbia music, a genre of popular and folk music from Colombia. For two months, we worked out of Casco Art Institute, taking a workshop with musicologist Ruben Pastor Perez on the history and rhythms of cumbia, arranging popular cumbias for our ensemble and beginning to combine improvisation and movement with early forays into cumbia. You can view a short documentary about the process here.

We were also part of Goethe Investigating, a residency where we worked out of Goethe-Institut Rotterdam for a week in December 2022. During this week we worked with musician and musicologist Urián Sarmiento and percussionist Jaime Rodríguez.

This project is open-ended, but we hope to continue studying, connecting with musicians with a deep connection to cumbia and bringing together elements of music, movement and theater. 


conditions of togetherness (our work on care)

conditions of togetherness (our work on care) is a work realized and facilitated by artist, Charli Herrington. The piece utilizes the concepts of shared labor and care both as interpretative thematics in the music, but equally as frames of work for the development of the piece. This work became especially relevant during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, as every member of Hache continued working together from their homes. The work was debuted at Basis voor Actuele Kunst in Utrecht in October of 2020. Hache, in collaboration with Herrington, received workshops and coachings including artist Rory Pilgrim, and curator/facilitator Staci Bu Shea supporting this work.

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