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Hache Radio Hour is a full length radio program that we put together for Amsterdam Alternative. The show features interviews with Hache's members, clips from performances and discussion of our ways of working together. 

Prism is a piece conceptualized by Greek composer and contributor to Hache Collective, Sophia Bardoutsou. In the piece Bardoutsou asks musicians to imagine the process of white light passing through a prism and so leading it to diffract and break into the rainbow of colors that we know. 

Ya Clarea is a collectively created piece by Hache Collective workshoped and choreographed with Mauricio Diaz Reyes. Ya Clarea is based on a Colombian Folk song which places attention and gives thanks to the shining sun. This original tune was utilized by Hache Collective to be orchestrated to our ensemble as well as developing a story-line that can be experienced through the choreography of the piece.

More or Less by Karlheinz Essl is a computer-driven realtime composition where the musicians do not reproduce parts of a fixed score. Instead of executing a pre-fabricated text from note sheets, they are viewing computer monitors or mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) which display randomly generated playing instructions. During the performance of the piece the musicians can make queries to their computers or devices asking for playing instructions whenever they feel a necessity for it. 

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