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Ayla Losada is a cellist, pianist and music artist. She began her musical studies of piano at an early age in her hometown, Bilbao (Spain). Years later, she discovers the cello and specializes her musical career in this instrument. She obtained a bachelor's degree in cello performance and moved to Madrid to attend a Master’s in musical performance and research. After that, she decides to broaden her musical training in the Netherlands, starting her second master's degree at the HKU Utrechts Conservatorium. Ayla sees the music as a way of expression and communication with the audience and with oneself. Her principal inspiration is learning from different genres, playing and experimenting with music from the early period until the most avant-garde styles. Besides her involvement with Hache Collective, she is an active music teacher and performer of both instruments, piano and cello. 

Aida Alvarez Fernandez is a Spanish violist, and active movement facilitator in Hache Collective.  At the age of 11, Aida began her formal violin studies, which she would later combine with her university studies in Fine Arts, where she graduated in the specialty of design and audiovisuals at the University of Vigo. She is also graduate of the Vigo Superior Conservatory of Music in the specialties of violin and viola. She currently resides in Amsterdam where she combines her work as a musician with her other great passion which is teaching. She has recently started attending the musicality of movement workshops taught by Virág Dezső and Ide van Heiningen at MAPA (Moving Academy for Performing Arts), which focuses on training musicians in body and spatial awareness through physical dialogue. Thanks to these workshops, she has discovered a new musical artistic field where improvisation and body movement are used as compositional and expression tools.

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Gordon H. Williams is an artist and musician creating work to study human conditions, with a focus on affect, perception and relation. He works in collaborative projects consisting of scores, performances, texts and videos that attempt to realize ways of being together based in intimacy, hope and generosity. His research compliments this work through the ongoing development of a theory of decentralized music creation.


In Hache Collective, Gordon plays various roles as a composer, percussionist, pianist and group facilitator. As an organizer and educator, Gordon is committed to building accessible, inclusive and vital communities through art and music making.

Mauricio Diaz Reyes originally from Mexico, is a Musician, Actor and Improviser. Mauricio holds a bachelor's degree in Sacred Music from the School of Church Music in Mexico, and holds a Masters Degree in Music Performance from Utrechts Conservatory. Throughout his life Mauricio has played in three different continents, lived out of a suitcase as an active touring musicians with over one thousand performances under his belt. Aside from being an engaging contributor, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and movement facilitator in Hache Collective, Mauricio is also active as a multi-instrumentalist and actor with Netherlands-based band, Snowapple.


Alberto Pérez is a brass performer and teacher who has performed in classical and modern music ensembles for more than 15 years. During this time, he attended innumerable masterclasses and had great fun in various professional experiences such as performing at Tomorrowland, an avant-garde music festival in Malta, touring with the Snowapple company, or playing the great symphonic masterpieces with symphonic orchestras in Spain and the Netherlands. Alberto holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in music performance and a master’s degree in music education during his official studies in Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. Nowadays, you can still find him teaching brass in the Utrecht area, composing and producing his own music at home, playing tuba with a symphonic orchestra, trombone in a reggae band, or improvising trumpet over a techno track.

Marc Giné was born in Nulles Spain. He began playing piano at the age of three later in life leading him to enter in the Tarragona Conservatorium where he studied Piano with Marta Bou, French Horn with Raul Garrido and Composition with Antoni E. Sebastià. In 2018 he graduated from Conservatoirum and obtained the honors mention in Piano. The same year, Marc premiered with the pianist and oboist Nina Alcañiz the suite for piano and piano strings by Giovanna Sterburina. Nowadays he is studying Composition with Caroline Ansink and Piano with Henry Kelder at HKU Utrechts Conservatorium. In the composition studies he studied with Jeroen D’hoe and Anne-Maartje Lemereis. Marc is a two-time winner of the Xavier Gols composition competition. He is member of Hache Collective and l’Appel du vide piano trio.

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Agustin Faundez Rojas is a Chilean born percussionist, drummer, educator and music therapist with studies awarded in the United States, and the Netherlands. In his career as a musician Agustin has performed and engaged as an educator in Chile, USA and the Netherlands, having the fortune of playing hundreds of settings and stages throughout these countries. Currently Agustin embraces the role of drummer, percussionist, and composer in Hache Collective. Aside from Hache Collective Agustin engages regularly in popular music ensembles, jazz groups, and contemporary classical music ensembles. His main interests lie in the exploration of person-centered habits in music education settings.


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