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Hache Collective works together, looking for methods of collective creation in which improvisation, movement and research are centered. Our method functions as a sound/art laboratory in which each member of the group brings their own ideas or propositions, and other members help to develop it in a collaborative way. Openness, care and commoning are guiding values of Hache's work.

Hache is researching topics including decentralized approaches to composition, musicality of movement, and person-centered methods of working as an ensemble. In our latest project we are studying cumbia music (a genre of popular and folk music from Colombia), exploring how we can connect and relate to practitioners of this music in a careful, non-extractive manner. 

Hache Collective has been making experimental and collaborative-work together since 2018. As the collective transformed and developed, we began to connect further in the circles of experimental improvised music leading us to perform at spaces like Moira Cultural Center, Casco Art Institute, Touchstone Atelier, De Peper, and Basis voor Actuele Kunst. We are currently based across the Netherlands, Chile and Spain.

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